Food for Thought Festival 2020 is coming!

Food for Thought Festival 2020 is coming!

Community Food Events in partnership with Sustain: The Australian Food Network is delighted to announce the 2020 Food for Thought (FFT) Festival will be held in and around the Great Southern region of Western Australia (WA) on 19th to 23rd March 2020.

The 2020 theme for the festival is  - Courageous Leadership Enabling Systems Change.

The festival will be to look to courageous leaders locally and internationally in agriculture and food systems to demonstrate what has and can be achieved with willing collaborators for statewide food system transformation.  

Keynote Speaker Announcement 

We are over the moon to announce one of our keynote speakers from the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund (VSJF), Farm to Plate Director, Jake Claro. The VSJF Farm to Plate Plan is leading international experience of a whole-of-state coordinated approach to food and agriculture which has generated major economic, social and environmental benefits, as detailed by Jake in his summary of key achievements and challenges. Proof of its success is demonstrated by the fact that it has lasted through multiple changes of political administration, and that its supporting legislation has just been renewed for a further 10 years. Proof of its success is also demonstrated by the fact that the Farm to Plate Network brings together over 300 partners representing all sectors of the farming and food industry and system.

Vermont's Farm to Plate Program is an excellent demonstration of the potential of the WA food system to ensure secure employment, improved health and ecological resilience. To read more about Farm to Plate key achievements and Challenges click here.

Listen to Jake Claro interview with the Regennarrtion Podcast(Dec 2019)

Tickets for events are on sale now - early bird discounts available until Feb 30th.

Scholarships/student/pensioner discounts available upon application for all events. Please email [email protected]

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