Workshop Program for Sunday October 7th

Workshop Program for Sunday October 7th

10 – 11am

Knife Skills Workshop – Salad in a jar

Wendy Triplett from Prepare Produce Provide will be hosting a hands on workshop and which will allow participants to develop their knife skill and learn vegetable cuts that can be used to make a yummy salad in a jar. The salad in jar allows you to prepare and make your fresh salads for lunches a few days in advance. These can be stored safely in the fridge and just add your dressing on the day.

11 – 11.30am

Reduce Household Food Waste

Rachel Pontin from Greenskills Inc will show you how to avoid food waste in your kitchen, cook leftovers with delicious recipes, shop wisely and creatively use food scraps. Bash some breadcrumbs, roll some truffles and pick up some free recipes and information.

12 noon to 1pm

The Tiniest Creatures on Earth are the Most Powerful

Bee Winfield and her partner Stew began regularly amazing market and festival goers with sensational compost- grown produce in 2003. With 34 years’ experience developing a permaculture on marginal land, regenerating soil to underpin perennial grasslands and food forests containing huge diversity, this self- appointed “Queen of Biogas” generates cooking fuel from pig poo, creates bamboo chook caravans; makes quality compost from local green “waste”; does earthworks for water harvesting and attends weekly farmer’s markets. Merri Bee Farmacy turned to dust in 2008 because of climate change and stayed that way until secrets of soil were learned. Join us on the journey from non- wetting dust to chocolate cake “soil that will grow anything”. It’s all about microbes. Beneficial bacteria provide many services for soil, just as they do for people. We reflect the soil our food comes from. The bacteria on plant leaves we eat programs our DNA, so our gardens better be alive with probiotics! “Human” means “of and for the Earth”. To be truly human means gardening in humus . Bee’s here to answer your gardening/farming questions so you can withdraw support from Agribusiness, heal the Earth and be healed with humus.

1 – 2pm

Using Biodynamic preparations

Are you a little curious about biodynamic preparations? Do you have to be naked under the full moon to use them? Come and find out! *Spoilers- no nudity*. What you will get is a chance to see and touch the famous cow horn soil preparation. Collectively we will take turns stirring the preparation whilst presenter Tan shares her journey of becoming a biodynamic farmer; why it made sense for her, and how it fits in with permaculture. Tan will also be bringing her flowform to demonstrate how easy it is to make Bd preparations for small farms. Along the way we will discuss astronomy, “the best time” and natural cycles and rhythms. Bring a container and take some home for your garden.

2 – 3pm

Biological Production Systems

Within life is the genetic software to use the elements inherent on earth for its own self perpetuating bounty.
The focus of the workshop will be on the life we can generate within systems to meet the needs of us and our planet !
Areas to be covered include:
• Biological and ecological literacy for all
• Working with sunlight and the water, air and mineral elements to improve the capacity of an environment to hold life
• Building and managing a resilient, dynamic community of organisms to efficiently harvest energy, turn over matter and provide
• Development of customized systems to suit our situation

The workshop is being offered by the venture ProductivEcology and will be delivered by Mark Tupman. Mark has been actively involved in teaching, applying and researching organic practices, permaculture, biodynamics, sustainability, and holistic management projects throughout WA for over 20 years. He combines principles from all these fields with personal experience and works with local resources to meet the economic, social and environmental needs of households, enterprises and communities.